Arts and Humanities

This specialization is designed for students who desire a broad based approach to humanistic study. Intellectual interests and problems often do not correspond to a single academic area. The student may construct a highly individualized and interdisciplinary course of study. Though the program by design emphasizes breadth of study, it also seeks to foster a rigorous and probing attitude toward some issues and problems within the student’s humanistic areas.

Diverse intellectual and vocational goals are served by the program. The opportunity to fashion a course of study to address specific concerns not covered in traditional programs is foremost. The degree can become the basis for more advanced study of an interdisciplinary nature. It should also meet the needs of teachers of general arts and humanities in secondary schools and two-year colleges.

Students choosing the Arts and Humanities area of specialization may select three subject matter areas from the list of appropriate programs.

(Choose three of the following)



Art and Visual Culture

Creative Writing & Environment

English (Literature)

English (Literature and the Teaching of Reading)

Enviornmental Graphic Design


Industrial Design

Integrated Visual Arts

Interior Design


Journalism and Mass Communication

Landscape Architecture



Religious Studies

Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication

Speech Communication

Sustainable Environments

Teaching English as a Second Language/Applied Linguistics

Urban Design

* Special permission is required from the Department Chair of Music for students who wish to use music as part of their program.